Follow That Sound

by The Water

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Recorded in Portland, OR and Oceanside, CA in 2008.


released June 23, 2008

Clarinet on "Jeff Jahn" by Tanner Turner.
"Jeff Jahn" was recorded by Tanner Turner.
Bird Noises on "Jeff Jahn" by Eden V. Evans.
Acoustic Guitar on "Frog 387" and "Time and Space" by Bijan Sharifi.
Additional Vocals on "Time and Space" by Bijan Sharifi.



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Little Records Reno, Nevada

Little Records began in Portland, OR in 2008.


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Track Name: The Birds Pt. 2
As the birds fluttered by, without a sound, they picked up speed and flew down into the cave. Without a sound, they landed there alone. Follow that sound of the waves crashing down on the beach. One by one. The sand never settles. It shifts and turns around into the ground.
As the birds fluttered by and the rain began to sing, I was thinking of you and the dirty little things you do.
I miss you so.
Now the birds are flying south. They're leaving me all alone. But I'm not too worried because I know you're coming home.
I miss you so.
Track Name: Where Roads Are Narrow
With yarn on my wrist and rivers on my mind, I'll search for the things that are harder to find. Like Thoreau, I'll go where roads are narrow and I'll see the rivers- and I'll see the figures in the distance- and I'll see the blisters on your fingers.
With each mile I make, the fog begins to settle overhead and the bitter cold is confirmed with leafless trees and the fact that I can see my breath.
-and I'll see the rivers (of my mind) - and I'll see the figures in the distance- and I'll see the blisters on your fingers.
Track Name: Jeff Jahn
I don't know why I waste my time following you around Downtown. I can't see you. Follow that sound of the waves crashing down.
I got lost on 99 E. I thought I knew just where I had to be. (Don't listen to me anymore.)
And nothing's real.
Track Name: The Clearing
I walked down to the river just to see you there. The sun came out, the wind picked up- the clearing was just ahead and I rest from my walk. I can see it- a snow-covered mountain range.
It's there! It's there! I see it there! And you won't go there. Yeah, you're the devil. You don't know a thing. Come back, baby. I said, "come back here, baby".
Track Name: Call Me Crazy
No, don't be sorry. I'm just sitting around doing nothing.
No, don't be angry. I'm just trying to help by doing nothing.
I can't see you now.
I'm leaving my hometown- the place where I was raised. I can't live here anymore. The people are so fake.
I can't do it anymore.
Call me crazy, call me dumb.
But you don't know me- where are your opinions from?
I can't take it anymore.
I can't do it anymore.
Track Name: I'll Teach You How To Fly
Summer is just on the horizon, young seagull. Don't let your spirits fall down. I know it's been a while but I promise I'll be back again. I'll fly over the ocean just to see you again.
I'll teach you how to fly. You just have to try.
I'll teach you how to fly. We can make this work.
Track Name: Time and Space
Understanding the infinite universal omnipresent spirit.
Your thought and your spiritual awareness are in this other formless dimension.
Track Name: Sea Monster
I look through the lens and I see a monster.
Do I scare you with my broken face?
Why do you look at me with such disgrace?
I'll put you in your place.

I see you hiding beneath the waves- it's where you linger and you won't come out for days, despite what they say, and you and I both know that none of this is real.