Mother, We're A Pack Of Wolves

by Bickering Wind

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All songs written and recorded by Chase David Evans and Cameron Alston.
Recorded in Carlsbad, California in 2006.


released April 18, 2006



all rights reserved


Little Records Reno, Nevada

Little Records began in Portland, OR in 2008.


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Track Name: Incognito
I've been waiting for so long. Should have never trusted you. Can you see our status? Do you believe it? Do you believe me when I lie to you?
This spark is luminous, as bright as our future and I feel overwhelmed.
If I were to give you another chance would you take it from my hand, bottle it up and save it all for yourself or would you spill it on the ground?
This spark is luminous, as bright as our future and I feel overwhelmed.
Lying on our backs, quiet, side by side on that grassy hill staring at the clouds. Remember what you whispered to me that afternoon? It seems to plague me now but I don't want to forget.
This spark is luminous, as bright as our future and I feel overwhelmed.
Track Name: Quickstep, You Are My Slow Fox
Is this all that you wanted to say or is there something you're leaving out?
You tear apart the pillow with your mouth, screaming under your breath; words that make no sense.
Quickstep, you are my slow fox.
Guide me through the brush of my mind.
Track Name: Rotation
Running out of time, nothing seems to make much sense.
Given all it's worth, I don't think it's necessary.
Sitting on the clouds, wondering when this will come together.
Relay this over. Watch moments circle your mind.
Track Name: Mandarin Ghosts
Is this our rest? Why must you lie?
Is this our trust? I feel so high.
Why do you keep secrets from me?
I feel so high.
Track Name: Touch-Responsive Keys
Effects send and effects return.
In one ear and out the other. It's like talking to a wall.
Risk of electric shock. To reduce the risk of fire, do not expose this to your mind.
This time I won't let you down.
Is there no truth anymore? Stare deep inside your mind.
Wasting your whole life searching for an impossible answer to the most important question that was never asked. Investigating pointless mysteries of existence, trying so hard to feel secure. Put down your magnifying glass and look at it through your own eyes. Answers to impossible questions are right under your nose.
Track Name: Wolves of Temptation
A relaxed state of panic. The wolves tear at my flesh.
Track Name: Wir Wollen Folgen Das Schrecklich
Mother, we're a pack of wolves.