Paper Sails

by The Water

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All songs by Chase David Evans.
Written and Recorded in 2006-2007 in Oceanside, California.
Additional vocals on "Rotation" by Cameron Alston.


released April 8, 2007



all rights reserved


Little Records Reno, Nevada

Little Records began in Portland, OR in 2008.


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Track Name: One Sixty-Two
What he does not know is that she has you down. She feels badly about yelling, this being his birthday.

"I know, I know," he said, unable to call him back. He's chosen to drive to the track and on this night, it is not desired. It holds two teenagers who were chased from a grocery store.
Track Name: Life In Prison
He took the easy way out and never looked back. He left them all behind and never thought twice. He never wanted you.
So the pills kicked in. And as he sipped a gin...
Track Name: Interview With The Devil
You just had to ask, didn't you? You crazy devil of a devil. You devil.
Track Name: Between The River and The Hill
The machete's wounds were hidden by it's leather bind from a cow's hind; three inches wide. It travelled the world until it's fall. Fifty words or less. Please do not excuse yourself from this. Punctuation does not count as a word.
Track Name: Rotation
Running out of time, nothing seems to make much sense.
Given all it's worth, I don't think it's necessary.
Sitting on the clouds, wondering when this will come together.
Relay this over. Watch moments circle your mind.
Track Name: New Jersey (Mama)
Mama, Mama. Please come home.
Mama, Mama. Please take me.

I guarantee if you were here that you'd not approve of what they are doing to us. Is this what we call family?
I'll never stop loving you.

Please come home, I miss you so much.
Track Name: Yellow Smile
I've been going 95 on this freeway. Have I been motionless? You're the one who should be driving because we all know that I'm on drugs.
Do you hear it when you dream? Do you see it when you realize that you are conscious?
It's so loud. Why can't you hear it?
It's so loud. Now I can't see you. The past is sleeping. Why aren't you sleeping?
Track Name: If You Want to Look at Bats, You Have to Turn Off the Lights
I found my way back to the place that I call home. Without you there, it's so bare and I can't think of you.
We were in wool knitted clothing doing art projects together.
It was picture perfect. Everything was it's opposite.
Track Name: Beautiful to Wake Up
It's four A.M. and I'm still not tired. So lay with me until I fall asleep because the pills aren't working tonight.
Track Name: Sea Tack
To protect you and your fellow passengers, we inspected it all, from your checked in baggage to your carry on luggage. As a part of this process...
Track Name: 5 & 6
Physically inspected.
Track Name: Crash
Goodbye, close your eyes.
Track Name: Breath After Resurfacing
What if I were to treat you the way you wanted me to?
Track Name: How Strange People Are!
Lifting the weight on my shoulders was never so hard.
Where am I? What am I doing here? Do I deserve this? Do I need this?
Can't be sure, it feels so real.
What if I made our own future? What if we made our future?
What if we made it together?
Do you think I can do this?
I think I can do this...